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Shares are on sale for the 2016 Season!

Full share. $580 (feeds about 4 people)

Half share. $340 (feeds about 2 people)

Scroll through the form below to sign up.

The Metanoia Farmers (at the CMU Farm) plant open pollinated, heirloom varieties of vegetables that people will love.  In this way, we maintain biodiversity, while planting varieties in which the genetic variety remains public ownership.  In turn this allows us to seed save from our own plants, keeping native and heirloom varieties current and adapted to changing conditions in our region. While you will receive a variety of familiar and perhaps not-so-familiar vegetables throughout the season, we work very hard to provide you with weekly tips and recipes for using everything in your share.

As previous and potential sharers of the CMU Farm, you should know that our pricing reflects various realities – the total dollar value of produce per share from previous seasons; the costs of growing and maintaining heritage variety vegetables; the labour realities of a small farm in an urban centre; and the desire to build a financial structure that creates sustainability by allowing us to pay our full time farmers something closer to a living wage than we have been able to in years previous.

With all of that in mind, we hope you’ll consider us for your vegetable needs this summer. We would love to grow for you!

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook at facebook.com/metanoiafarmers and check back often especially throughout the summer for the various goings-on at the Farm.

Feel free to share this with any friends or family interested in CSA.

10 thoughts on “Purchase a Share

    • Hi Melissa,

      We aim for a 12-13 week season, weather permitting. Some years that starts in June, this year it will start a bit later.


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