Meet Your Farmers


Gnorman the Gnome remains at the farm year to year as an honorary co-op member.


The 2016 Metanoia Farmers Co-op at the CMU Farm

Marta Bunnett

Currently the youngest Metanoia Farmer, Marta was born and raised a farm kid. Growing up on her family’s small mixed livestock farm in New Brunswick, she was surrounded by the philosophy and practice of small scale farming from an early age. Alongside regular involvement in various aspects of farm work, Marta has spent the last four summers running a small CSA on her family’s farm. Now she finds herself in Winnipeg, exploring her passions for farming, food, and land through her studies of peace and ecology at Canadian Mennonite University. When she’s not studying or at the farm, Marta can most likely be found cooking, reading, or knitting.

Anika Reynar

Growing up in Olds, Alberta, Anika developed a love for the prairies, the mountains, and (almost) any activity that took her outside. After moving to Winnipeg to attend CMU, Anika completed an internship through MCC Manitoba where she explored questions surrounding Indigenous-Settler relationships and food justice. During this time, Anika had the opportunity to work at the CMU Farm and discovered a passion for the connections between food, land, faith, and community. In the past few years, Anika has pursued an Interdisciplinary degree in Social Ecology at CMU, and has returned to Alberta for a summer to begin a garden program at Camp Valaqua. Now, Anika is excited to be farming with the Metanoia Farmers.

Kenton Lobe

Kenton spends winters teaching International Development and Environmental Studies at Canadian Mennonite University. For the last seven years he has worked on small farms  and is thrilled to be farming with the Metanoia Farmers on the land at CMU and in the village of Neubergthal.

Jonah Langelotz

Jonah is the hairiest, but no longer the youngest, CMU farmer. Born and raised in Winnipeg, he cultivated a growing interest in food as a student of development and theology at CMU.  During this time, Jonah completed a practicum in the community of Boissevain at Room to Grow, Manitoba’s first small-scale organic farm. There he enjoyed learning and working in both greenhouse and garden, and blossoming under the tutelage of eccentric farmer-politician-extraordinaire, David Neufeld. With this experience Jonah looks forward to building on skills and taking a more active role as a ‘full-time farmer’ at CMU. When not at the farm Jonah enjoys playing a good game of soccer or shinny, riding his bike, and trying out new ways of harvesting food like hunting and fishing.

Jeanette Sivilay

Growing up in Steinbach, Manitoba, Jeanette was always one degree away from anything agricultural. She came to the CMU Farm in 2011 as a practicum student interested in food systems and through this experience turned farming into her vocation.  Working closely with the land and the myriad opportunities for cultivating creativity are her favourite parts of running a CSA. Currently she is working on her Masters in Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba. When she’s not farming or stuck in studys-ville she enjoys reading, cooking and camping.

Megan Klassen-Wiebe

Megan has been with the CMU Farm since its inception.  She first became interested in food justice and small scale farming while working on her 3 year degree at CMU. She finished this degree with a practicum on a small farm in New Brunswick that solidified her passion for food and farming and came back to Manitoba looking for a place to engage this passion.  The CMU Farm and another bachelor degree (this time in Agro-ecology at the University of Manitoba) engaged that passion and have furthered her knowledge and understanding of sustainable food systems.  Megan is a fledgling seed saver and is passionate about food, farming, land, and faith and loves that all these things come together at the CMU Farm.

Previous Farmers

Maria Dueck

Julie Derksen

Matt Dueck

Kisti Thomas

Cecilly Hildebrand

Corrine Klassen

Kurt Lemky

Karin Neufeld

DeLayne Toews

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