Spring Has Sprung

Last month the snow melted. Since that first melt, we’ve had a number of smaller snow falls. None of them stuck around longer than around 48 hours, but each one of them has served as a cooling off of our spring fever. Even five years into working around the seasons, your body – like a plant – seems to respond to the hours of daylight and strength of the sun. And so in March, when we had a few days of t-shirt weather, preparing for planting seemed merely weeks away. We had to remind ourselves that our last frost date comes around the May long weekend, and not many things can be put out in the unprotected field before that date.


Temperatures were getting up to 30 degrees in our cold frame last week.

And so spring fever is alive and well in folks long out of middle school. What has helped cool the fever has been seed starting. This year we have the time and capacity to start a few varieties of our plants without the help of a greenhouse. So far we have started Indigo Rose tomatoes, Purple Beauty sweet peppers, Red Express cabbage, Golden Acres cabbage, La Guardia eggplant, and Lacinato kale, Hilde lettuce and Rouge d’Hiver lettuce, and we’re not finished yet!


Purple Beauty peppers just over a week old basking under a grow light.

This year we decided to expand the number of shares we sell by about half. This is really exciting for us as we expand our business, do less “volunteer” work, and support more emerging farmers. It’s an exciting challenge for us, and we look forward to engaging more people in fresh, local, organically grown produce. Our CSA family is expanding!

We’re also bringing back our Wolseley delivery, which – due to location – is more of a Wolseley/West Broadway delivery. Last year we encouraged all our sharers to pick up on farm, but we’re spending some money this spring on building a CMU Farm bike trailer, so once again you can have your veggies pedal powered downtown for a one time $75 payment for the season.

At the end of last season, Canadian Mennonite University donated 5 Prairie Sensation apple trees to the CMU Farm. Those will be planted this spring along our northern fence line. This is a great fresh eating apple well suited for our harsh prairie temperatures. Look forward to apples in your share boxes in years to come!

Our final piece of newness this spring is that the CMU Farmers Collective has formalized into the Metanoia Farmers Worker Cooperative Ltd.! We’ll post more about this coming up, but the changes from the outside are minimal. The land at the CMU Farm has always been stewarded by the CMU Farmers Collective, and so the name “CMU Farm” will remain, and it will continue to be the name you see most often. However the CMU Farmers Collective has formalized into a Workers Co-op, and it is us who run the CSA.

Megan, Jonah, Maria, Jeanette - the Metanoia Farmers - promoting the farm at an event this spring.

Megan, Jonah, Maria, Jeanette – the Metanoia Farmers – promoting the farm at an event this spring.

Spring is here! Summer is close behind! The Metanoia Farmers will be at the CMU Farm on a regular basis starting Monday, April 27. Come out to say hello, and maybe even get your hands dirty.

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